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Golf plays a special role in the world of sports advertising. Football may still dominate the airwaves, and soccer may be the mainstay of international TV sets, but golf remains immensely popular among sports fans all over – and its underdog status in the world of commercial sports helps create a special dynamic among fans. Everybody’s aunt watches the Super Bowl, but loving the game of golf requires something more than a passing interest. Not only are golf spectators likely to be ardent fans, the odds are they play the sport themselves.

With major league team sports like football and basketball, there is a franchise appeal and mass of marketable players – so much so, there often seems to be a disconnect between the products and services advertised, and the game itself. You'd be hard pressed to find an ad for practical basketball gear during an NBA commercial break – more than likely you’ll see an ad hawking cell phones or sports cars. In golf, however, you can advertise golf clubs to those who buy them, giving you the decided advantage.

Likewise, although Tiger Woods is a larger-than-life character in the professional golf world, there aren’t many others on the pro circuit who can be commoditized like football or basketball players. Golf spectators are not involved in the sport to follow the Kobe Bryant’s and Tom Brady’s of the world. Golf spectators are there simply for their love of the game, making them exactly the people you want looking at your golf ads.

What should your ads feature? Products related to the golf lifestyle – things spectators, fans, and amateur and professional players consume.

Here are a few ideas:
  • Golf training gear, training camps, or instructional videos.
  • Golf clubs – even the most fleeting fan might be interested in something durable and affordable.
  • Golf apparel – shirts, vests, shoes, hats.
  • Golf-related gifts – golf balls, putting cups, watches, pens, sculptures, trinkets.
  • Games – online flash games, video games.
  • Accessories – golf bags, tees, markers, coolers, binoculars.

From a marketing perspective, advertising to a crowd of golf fans is a rare opportunity to target your ideal audience, and this is because the likelihood of ads converting into sales is high. With the variety of avenues by which to promote one’s products and services, from television to tournament sponsorship to online media, manufacturers of golf-related products should seize their advantage and make it count. While other sports are selling marketing rights for advertising on the moon, getting your message out on the golf course is your best bet for generating revenue and increasing ROI.
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