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What is a Golf Advertising Agency?

Okay, you’ve undoubtedly heard of advertising agencies. They create the commercials we skip over, the print ads we flip past, and the enormous billboards we watch instead of the road. But have you ever heard of a golf advertising agency? Interestingly enough, they do exist. Much like an “urban” advertising agency would focus on hip-hop themed products, a golf advertising agency caters to clients trying to market their golf products. Golf products could range from instructional DVDs to specialty golf balls to premium sand wedges – it really doesn’t matter. Whatever the product, if it’s golf-related, a golf advertising agency will sit down with you, figure out your target markets, and then be able to market and sell your product.

Some examples of services offered by a golf advertising agency:

Infomercial Production

Golf advertising agencies often specialize in producing infomercials that advertise golf products. Say you’re trying to sell a new 9-iron design and you’ve got money to burn for advertising. A late-night infomercial can be just the ticket your product needs to reach the masses. An agency will handle all the accompanying logistics, including talent searches, writing, directing, and pre- and post-production.

Print and Web Ads

Online advertisements are the future of business, but print still commands a hefty percentage of the golf market. A competent golf advertising agency will understand the complexities of the vibrant new online market, while maintaining ties to the still-relevant paper markets, and be able to come up with viable plans for marketing your product in each medium.

Retail Pushing

Even attempting to approach a retail store to sell your product can be a daunting task. How do you go about initiating contact? Just show up with the product and hope for the best? Don’t try it – stick with the pros. Ad agencies can promote your products in retail environments through crafting effective product branding strategies, sales tactics, and business plans. An agency will already have tons of contacts in sporting goods stores, specialty golf shops, and country clubs – all reliable avenues for possibly selling your product and reaching a greater audience. Doing so without the help of an agency is possible, but very difficult.
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