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Using Golf Advertising to Get Ahead

Like it or not, golf isn’t just an old man’s game anymore! Although the traditional crowd of retiree players still dominates the courses (they have a lot of time), everyone has gotten into it, from young kids and teenagers to professionals in their 20s and 30s. Sports fans of all ages and from all walks of life watch golf on TV and follow the major tournaments, and many high schools have competitive teams. The reality is golf has a wider audience today than it’s ever had before – and you can easily tap into this audience to help market your business.

Whether you’re a growing company or an established business, the need for creative methods to put yourself out there remains – people are easily bored, and with all the distractions of today’s digital world, you need a clever way to get (and keep) their attention. What better way than to speak to them while they are enjoying a favorite activity? The sheer excitement surrounding the sport is what makes golf advertising an incredibly effective way to target a select demographic with your message.

Here are a few ideas on how to target the golf crowd with your wares:

Golf paraphernalia makes great gifts.

Regardless of the nature of your business, golf-related products are a great way to say thank you to customers and clients while making sure they remember you. People appreciate small gestures. A little token - like a quality golf ball branded with your company logo - can go a long way in retaining those who invest in your business. Tees or markers work, too – they can also be branded in any way you like, and can be more fun and engaging to hand out than a standard business card. If you want to splurge on larger clients, accessories like golf apparel or bags are great..

Sponsor a tournament.

It doesn’t have to be the Masters. Golf tournaments are an excellent forum for promotion, and you can almost always find a local tournament or charity golf event in which to get involved. Most tournaments offer graded sponsorship packages at various prices. The sponsorship packages usually include the opportunity to play in the event as well as advertise your company name and logo. This can be done by displaying signage on the course, passing out cobranded memorabilia like caps and shirts, or including your content and logo in promotional material for the event. When selecting the right tournament to sponsor, remember that branding your name at a charity tournament or community event does wonders for your company’s image – not to mention gets potential business brewing.

Reach customers directly.

Golf courses or golf-related businesses will often send out informational paperwork, pamphlets, brochures, or catalogs to their mailing list. Direct mailings can be a convenient method of drawing in customers with an advertisement, or even better, a coupon. Beyond branding yourself in the minds of consumers, mailings offer the opportunity to generate quick conversions by interesting customers in your product or service frankly.
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