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Mike and Steve Abram of The Golf Agency have been critical to our success at SkyGolf and SkyCaddie becoming the #1 Rangefinder in golf.

I believe they are uniquely qualified to market golf products through direct response due to their understanding of the golf buyer, the golf market and the game itself.

Before working with Mike and Steve, we had attempted without success to market our new idea with an infomercial produced by another company. Down to our last few dollars of capital, we turned to The Golf Agency for help. Mike, Steve and their team were able to work with us to capture the true appeal to golfers of the SkyCaddie GPS. Not only did the infomercial they produced become one of the most successful and longest running infomercials in golf history, it largely contributed to our success in creating an entirely new category in golf retail. It is currently the only growth category in golf.

The Golf Agency is the only production company or agency I am aware of that successfully produces, writes, directs and purchases media for golf infomercials entirely in house. We will always be indebted to them for their contributions to the extraordinary success of SkyCaddie. We would not be where we are today without them.

Richard Edmonson, CEO


Nobody knows the DR business and golf marketing better than Mike and Steve Abram of The Golf Agency. They research and learn the unique features and benefits of your product and then passionately deliver the message effectively to create sales. The look, feel and quality of their productions are excellent and their networking connections are unparalleled. Imaginative, creative and hardworking, they approach their role more as partnership than as an outside agency. They do it all - and they do it very well.

Jesse Ortiz
Bobby Jones Golf
Former President Orlimar Golf


It recently dawned on me how far my career has come over the last 4 years. And then it hit me; my career began to soar- after I teamed up with The Golf Agency!

To recap, over twenty five years ago, I became enlightened to a methodology involving flexibility that not only got me completely out of pain, but also allowed me to play great golf again. Since that time, I've made it my life's work to share this powerful message with the masses. My dilemma was: How do I get it 'out there'? Eventually, I came to the realization that Direct Response Marketing TV was the quickest and fastest way to educate millions of people at once, and I subsequently interviewed the top Infomercial companies on the West Coast. Although several of them had merit, I felt there was something missing. Finally, I saw a great looking show being played on The Golf Channel and wanted to know who produced it. When I learned that it was The Golf Agency, I knew right then that they were my guys!

The rest is history. Besides producing a great show, Steve and Mike's guidance and marketing expertise has paid off a hundred fold. In addition to the financial rewards that my partnership has received, your relationships and counsel has opened doors for me that I never would have imagined! From an increased clientele, to speaking engagements, corporate outings, seminars, workshops, being asked to sit on advisory boards, adinfinitum, my career has come a long, long way, and I owe this to The Golf Agency, because you taught me how to get it 'out there'!

In short, all I can say is Thank You for changing my life.

Keep Stretching,

Roger Fredericks
Fredericks Golf


When AJ Golf wanted to make a marketing impact to get our message to the golfing world (and I do mean, world), we made a concerted effort to get Mike and Steve Abram, of the Golf Agency, to create the thrust of that marketing effort. They had just done the extraordinarily successful Orlimar campaign, and they were the only production company we targeted.

It was the best decision we have made. Their expertise in the marketing and selling of our "product" has been astounding.

They're the best!

AJ Bonar, President
AJ Golf Company, LLC

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