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Golf Course Marketing

Making Green on the Green With Golf Course Marketing

The golf course is an ideal setting in which to give your business wide exposure to a highly targeted demographic. Golf course marketing has long been an effective strategy for branding, publicizing, and drawing business – not only do golf spectators tend to love the game more than your average fan (most of them are players, too), when on the green, your message is prominent and unavoidable. Whether you’re a golf-related business or simply trying to reach the golf crowd, there are lots of good reasons to find a spot for your business on the course. Here are a few things to consider when planning your promotion on the green.

Choose Your Audience

Golf course clientele largely consists of high-income families. Green fees can be steep, and golf is still a leisure sport associated with affluence. You can connect with the usual crowd of 30 – 55 year olds that are most likely to spend on your product. In some cases, however, keep in mind that the wealthiest country club may not be practical the right venue for your product. If you’re running a marketing campaign that includes advertising on the course, you tailor the location to your particular business strategy.

The St. Andrews Links golf course, located in Scotland, is considered by many to be the "home of golf.” The game has been played there since the 15th century, and the evolution of the modern fairway and 18 hole-course all took place at this sports landmark.

Draw Many Views

The golf course is an obvious place to draw attention in a physical space where your audience is already engaged. A sign display on a golf course can get up to hundreds of thousands of impressions per year. When you put your business out there in the open, players are forced to recognize your presence, and will likely remember your name. Whether you choose to advertise on a scoreboard, golf cart, or on the actual course via signage, marketing your business in such a compelling outdoor setting can help you build massive interest in your brand, and at the very least, awareness.

In an effort to keep the game exclusive, early clubs were made of wood, making them unaffordable to many. Different kinds of clubs were used for driving and medium and short-range shots, with different types of wood used for the club head and shaft. Manufacturers started casting individual club heads in 1963, and the graphite shaft was invented a decade later. Developments like these made golf equipment more affordable, and the popularity of the game subsequently increased.

Give Yourself An Edge

Golf courses often pride themselves on maintaining a tidy, pleasant environment so players find it easy to relax and focus on their game. There is an aversion on a golf course to the noisy, cluttered advertising displays common to a NASCAR event. To avoid overkill, and keep the atmosphere calm and serious, most golf courses limit advertising to a few select areas, and some don’t allow any ads placed beyond the scoreboard. Landing one of the few spots on the golf course designated for advertising puts your business in an exclusive and enviable position.

Timing Is Everything

Advertising relies largely on reaching the potential customer at the right time. Golf course marketing targets individuals engaging in a relaxing form of outdoor recreation – the perfect time to make a discreet impression on your audience. Rather than beating them over the head during the busy moments of their lives – while they are driving, checking email, or surfing the web, marketing on the green lets you communicate with your demographic during a time when they are most at easy and receptive.

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