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A Few Ways to Reach a Golf Audience

An effective promotion requires a delicate balance between giving your audience what it wants and convincing them of whatever it is you want – whether to buy your product, order a service, or attend an event. If you’re selling golf products, however, your job is much easier. Rather than convince your audience they need your club, bag, or shirts, you are simply presenting an already interested crowd with things they likely already buy. This also means you can forget about the bells and whistles of fancy advertisements and focus solely on the product and why it is superior.

Here are a few savvy methods of spreading the word about whatever golf-related product or service you’re offering:

  • Online advertising – Heading straight to the World Wide Web to catch your customers may seem like an obvious strategy, but it’s one you don’t want to miss – the sheer numbers of potential consumers online make the Internet a massive world of opportunity. That being said, your online consumer base will most likely consist of two specific populations of people: golf experts, and golf novices. It's crucial your advertising caters to both. Target products like individual clubs and specialized technique lessons to the expert crowd who will know and appreciate the advanced jargon, and tailor other ads with plainer language to the new or casual golfer who is interested in the game but not quite up to speed with all the lingo.

  • Golf infomercials – Show your audience exactly how they can benefit from your product. A golf infomercial is an excellent way to provide a captivating and informative visual explanation as to why your product is better than the rest. These spots can be more effective than ordinary short-form TV commercials because the audience is “experiencing” your product as it is actually used on the golf course. Whether you’re selling clothes, clubs, or lessons, explaining and showcasing your product in a heuristic way gives your customer the chance to experience what it might be like to own your product.

  • Live demonstrations – These can be performed at any number of golfing events, conventions, and merchandise exhibitions. The advantage of a live demonstration is similar to that of an infomercial – letting people experience the unique benefits of your product –while taking it to the next level of advertising by putting your product literally in front of the consumer. By allowing your audience to interact with your product, you help build brand recognition organically. This true-to-life experience lends itself to word-of-mouth, an advertising method with powerful influence on your bottom line. Even if only a small amount of potential customers are impressed after a live demonstration of your product, positive reviews will spread quickly through the golf community and can help generate interest in your product among your target demographic, the friends and peers of the people you were advertising to in the first place.

  • Print ads – Advertising in magazines or newspapers is a classic, time-tested strategy for reaching your desired population of golf enthusiasts. Whether placing an ad in a monthly golf publication or the sports section of the local newspaper, you are marketing to a select group who is already inclined to buy your products. Why waste an opportunity like that? Going where your customers go is the best way to get noticed.
  • Good luck.
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