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How To Make A Golf Infomercial

A Few Ways to Reach a Golf Audience

A common mistake plaguing creators of golf infomercials is the same thing that hurts all infomercials – that they are basically glorified, excessive commercials that serve only to annoy those whom they wish to reach. Think about it. How many times have you been up late, bored as hell, flipping through the channels? We’ve all experienced this. And what’s the absolute worst thing on television at these times? Unless you’re watching them with an ironic, detached sense of humor, the answer is infomercials. We hate and avoid them like the plague, but that’s just cause most of them are so bad. In the hands of a skilled marketing team, a good, engaging golf infomercial that actually works can be created and will help sell one’s product. Here are a few ideas on how to target the golf crowd with your wares:

Some things to watch out for when filming a golf infomercial are as follows:

1. Use humor effectively. The fastest way into someone’s heart – whether you’re courting the cute girl next door, or trying to make a sale – is to make the person laugh. Everyone loves to laugh, and if they’re laughing they’re not going to be thinking about how they’re watching an advertisement. Especially with golf, usually considered to be a pretty staid, droll sport without a whole lot of personality or humor, a bit of humor injected into a the golf infomercial will work wonders and make sure the channel isn’t immediately changed.

2. Spend a little more money if it means high production values. Your main objective is to create money, but you don’t make money by hording it. Everyone knows you need to spend money to make money. Infomercials have always had the reputation – usually deserved – of being low budget. People don’t take low-budget stuff seriously nowadays. Even normal commercials look like they were directed by Hollywood, so infomercials need to catch up. Golf infomercials are no different.

3. Look authentic. Don’t hire a used-car salesman-looking guy with a fake tan to host your golf infomercial. People can see through it; they’ve lived a life inundated with marketing and advertising, and people are more cynical than ever.

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