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Why Golf Marketing Matters Today

Marketing has become an inextricable segment of American sporting life. Some of the world’s most popular Americans are athletes, and they fuel shoe, clothing, and sports equipment sales everywhere. Show a hundred people worldwide pictures of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, and chances are most of them will know who they are. Try the same experiment with pictures of Al Gore and Ghandi and you’d be lucky to get a 25% success rate. Professional athletes have become entertainers instead of mere sportsmen; pro sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone’s trying to cash in. And even some of the smaller (relatively) sports are generating huge marketing dollars. Take golf, for example.

We used Tiger Woods as a prime example of a world-famous athlete. Twenty years ago, you couldn’t count on that level of recognition for a pro golfer. Tiger changed all that. He’s young, dominant, and multiracial: perfect fodder for an industry that absolutely thrives on marketability and customer attraction. What Tiger has achieved is not only the multi-million dollar marketing deals he’s accrued, or the countless PGA Tour wins he’s amassed – Tiger has elevated the sport of golf to the level of basketball, football and baseball in America. In other words, Tiger made golf cool. And in advertising, cool is everything.

Kids, teens, young adults – they’re all buying into the golf craze. You got crusty old guys fighting with whippersnappers for space on the golf course. Golf fashion – polos, khakis, and nifty hats – has overtaken popular fashion. It goes the other way, too: young up and coming golfers aren’t always sticking to the tried and true traditional golf fashion wear. Instead, they’re bringing a new, young flavor to the game. With the added influx of new potential customers, golf marketing has skyrocketed. Golf advertisers aren’t just relegated to golfing magazines and golf tournaments anymore. Now, their potential audiences can be anywhere!
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