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Golf Tournament Marketing Makes Sense

Chances are, you’ve heard about the untold possibilities opening up in the golf marketing realm. The popularity of the sport is shooting up, and not just among the same old demographics. Nope – this time, kids, teens, young adults, and professionals of all ages are being drawn into one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Credit whomever you like – Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Michelle Wie – but the fact remains that with all these new faces making waves in the golf world, an entirely new audience is appearing. And if people are watching golf and playing golf and getting excited about golf, that means they’re ripe for golf tournament marketing.

Golf tournaments are perhaps the greatest environments for effective golf marketing. Just think – thousands of people, golf enthusiasts or maybe even people just getting introduced to the sport, staring wide eyed and transfixed at some of the most talented people playing a sport everybody there loves. The potential for capturing an audience with a well-placed billboard, or perhaps a company-branded freebie is just immense. I mean, it’s practically like shooting ducks in a barrel; you have thousands of golf enthusiasts lining up to get into a tournament at which your golf-oriented advertisements will be front and center. Can it get any more perfect?

It definitely can. Other companies will almost certainly have the same ideas as you, and since these tournaments are mostly funded by advertising sponsors, the promoters will be courting as many advertisers as possible. If you wait too long, or take your time and waffle over whether or not to jump in, you could miss a prime spot. And as we all know, timing and placement is everything in advertising. You wouldn’t want to miss your big opportunity to reach a receptive advertising audience, would you?
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