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Why Golf Advertising Works

For many years, advertisers have used a “shock and awe” methodology for getting their marketing messages out. Newspapers and TV are blanketed with advertisements and endorsements. Billboards advertising something or other greet you on freeways and city streets. You go to the movies, only to sit through half an hour of commercials and previews for even more movies – and when you leave the theater, you find yourself surrounded by movie posters touting upcoming releases. And with the Internet, advertising is even more prevalent. Pop up ads annoy you; complex algorithms deliver ads directly to your computer screen based on your search and browsing habits. But does it really work as well as advertisers are hoping? Golf advertising is an interesting counterpoint to all this. While golf advertisers certainly utilize TV, radio, the Internet, and print media to market their products, they also understand that uniquely targeted advertising works. See, golf fans have historically been a pretty niche market. With the popularity of Tiger Woods and the subsequent explosion of interest in the game, however, that market has expanded to be more susceptible to the shock and awe marketing. But that niche quality remains, and golf advertising retains the chops and skills to target ads effectively. They grew up having to target a niche group, and that’s prepared them well to survive in the ever-burgeoning world of golf advertising. For so long, golf advertising has meant picking the absolute perfect ads to reach a relatively small, but wealthy, audience. Older, richer businessmen used to be the bread and butter for the golf advertisers, and they still are, but now that audience has expanded to include both young and old. The youth especially are media savvy, having grown up in the age of information, and they can be cynical of overt attempts at marketing. You might think that golf advertising would then fall on deaf ears, but that simply isn’t the case – on the contrary, golf advertisers have honed their messages and perfected their craft for so long that golf advertising is actually incredibly effective with the new customer base.
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