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The Secret of On Course Golf Marketing

It may seem like common sense to you, but a surprising number of people involved in marketing golf products and services are completely unaware of the fact that playing to your base works. It works in politics, which is really just the marketing of personality, and it certainly works in golf marketing too. And luckily for you businesses out there selling golf-related products, the sport itself has exploded in popularity. Kids, teens, young professionals, and even women are increasingly finding themselves drawn to golf. Youth leagues are popping up, and kids are looking at Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Michelle Wie with the same admiration kids used to look at Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Golf now has star power, which means your potential customer base has expanded. Take advantage of it!

Advertising is all about picking your spots. Your ads should be placed in the spots frequented by your customer base. With the expanding market for golf products, you now have many more spots to choose from, which can actually make things harder. Don’t be sucked into trying to blanket every possible angle with your marketing – instead of spreading yourself thin, pick a spot and go hard! A tried and true location for effective golf marketing is the golf course itself. On course golf marketing works because:

1. Your audience will literally be immersed in the world of golf at the moment they see your advertising. They’ll either be playing golf, thinking about golf, or talking about golf. What they’re doing, they’re in the right mindset.

2. Your audience has money to burn. Going for 18 holes on a nice golf course isn’t cheap. Plus, when you toss in the off chance they might have had a few back at the club bar, your chances of market penetration just got even better. People are a lot looser with their money when alcohol’s involved.

3. Golf is a waiting game. You’re either waiting for the people at the next hole to wrap it up, or you’re waiting for your turn to putt. On course golf marketing gives them something to look at – and hopefully purchase.
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