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The Golf Agency past successes

the golf agency's past successes

TGA is a one-stop shop for marketing and advertising. With a combined 40 years of experience doing business in the direct response industry, primarily golf; our team has addressed the complexities of marketing products in a very competitive marketplace. Since our founding in January 1998, the #1 focus has been achieving revenue growth through Direct Response advertising. The Company has developed very measurable business strategies that give our clients the competitive advantages they need to grow and successfully establish their brands. TGA has helped clients generate over $600 million in sales.

The Speed Stik

Hopkins Golf - Former longtime CEO of Cleveland Golf, Greg Hopkins, recently launched in summer of 2013 Hopkins Golf. Mike Abram wrote, produced and directed their extremely successful 30 and 60 second spots which have aired well over 100 times nationally in just a few months driving golfes to the Hopkins website. Recent weekly MERs have been as high as 5 to 1.

SkyCaddie Golf

SkyCaddie GPS from SkyGolf – Revenue Growth went from $400,000 to $15 Million in 12 months, to $45 Million in year two, $80 Million in year three and over $100 Million year four. TGA named the product SkyCaddie (formerly SG2) and produced, wrote, directed and managed and purchased the media the extremely successful infomercial. We also suggested Peter Jacobsen as endorser/host and had meetings with him to introduce him to the SkyCaddie and pitch his involvement. (

Orlimar Golf

Orlimar Golf Company - Revenue Growth of $1 Million to $69 Million in 12 Months and $100 Million in year two. TGA named the Orlimar fairway wood the TriMetal due to its revolutionary three-metal composite. The infomercial which launched December 31, 1997 served as the vehicle to sell over 1 million units worldwide and allowed Orlimar grow from and obscure San Francisco Bay are accompany to a household brand almost overnight. Orlimar reported and a $15 million dollar profit from its first year's operations after launch of the TriMetal infomercial.

AJ Golf

"AJ Reveals The Truth About Golf" -Revenue went from $0 to $14 Million with nearly $2 Million in profit in just 12 Months. TGA took a relatively unknown teacher, AJ Bonar, and helped package the concept AJ had been teaching for over 40 years into an infomercial and five video product set. The videos dispel the myth of needing to have the perfect golf swing to hit solid golf shots. AJ's videos have routinely outsold all teaching videos. The latest version of the infomercial produced over $2.5 million in profitable sales volume in 2009.

CMC Golf

Fredericks Golf - Little known Golf instructor and flexibility guru Roger Fredericks hired TGA to create a video series and long form infomercial titled The Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility. Fredericks Golf has exceeded $10m in sales revenue and nearly $2m in profits during their run.

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