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About the golf agency

What is The Golf Agency?

Since its inception, The Golf Agency has devised and run a number of incredibly successful marketing campaigns utilizing Direct Response Marketing. Indeed, some of their campaigns have resulted in increased client sales upwards of several million. A few of the more successful examples, that people might be familiar with, are the SkyCaddie from SkyGolf, the F2 Wedge from F2 Golf, Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth for Golfers, AJ Reveals the Truth About Golf, and Orlimar TriMetal campaigns. After working with the Golf Agency, each of these companies experienced significant revenue increases – all of which can be attributed to the marketing, advertising, and infomercial production of the Golf Agency.

The key to the success of the Golf Agency marketing is their insistence on only working with the best. Too much marketing these days consists of spin-doctors and snake oil salesmen hawking inferior products, trying to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes, and it’s a refreshing – and incredibly effective – breath of fresh air to see a company that actually cares about the products they are marketing. Despite the fact that these are mere clients’ products, and not the Golf Agency’s products, the Agency treats them as if they were their own. When you’re trying to sell a clearly superior product and treating it like it’s your own, your marketing campaign will be an effective one. Lies sell, but they’re always found out in the end. Honesty truly is the best policy, especially when there’s no reason to lie! If you’re dealing with great products, you simply don’t have to lie – doing so is counterproductive and will only hurt you. Successful, enduring marketing campaigns rely on the public trust. You might fool consumers once, but if your products don’t deliver on the promises, you can expect to lose their loyalty – and their dollars – for the next time you try to promote a product.
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