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Golf: The Best Sport for Advertisers

Spectator sports represent perhaps the most lucrative arenas for advertisers and their marketing campaigns. Advertising at a sports event is like running a live action commercial that no one can fast forward through or ignore.

Of course, some sports are better than others when it comes to advertising potential. Golf advertising, for example, is one avenue notable for how lucrative it can be. Think about it – golf fans, especially those who attend golf tournaments, tend to be fairly well off and wealthy. They have money to burn, and, like all fans of sports, are pretty susceptible to whatever product their favorite athletes are hawking. More than that, though, golf advertising works because of its classification as a thinking man’s game. Golf is a sport that requires intense concentration and silence, not only from the golfers, but from the spectators. Basically, golf fans at a golf tournament are going to be standing around, spectating. And that means any golf advertising will be seen by everyone in attendance. Golf may not draw enormous crowds, but the people that do show will be attentive and willing to spend money.

Of course, the big three sports – basketball, baseball, and football – are always going to draw the biggest advertising contracts, simply because so many people tune in. Football stadiums hold tens of thousands of fans, each one a potential customer; millions tune in to the NBA and MLB finals, and each of these fans is targeted by marketing. And when it comes to the biggest event in all of sports – at least in the United States – an entire culture of inventive commercials and ridiculous advertising costs surrounds the Super Bowl.

But still, golf advertising remains some of most lucrative. They reach smaller crowds, sure, but the crowds they do reach are die hard golf fanatics willing to put money down for golf products; the big three sports get a lot of fair weather fans, people who might not be so susceptible to sports marketing.
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