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Why You Need Golf Marketing

The recent explosion in the popularity of golf has undoubtedly enticed more than a few golf product makers to grow complacent. Maybe they figure that there are so many new potential customers that they don’t have to work as hard; or maybe they figure there’s going to be plenty of customers to go around for everyone. Anyone with any business experience will laugh those assumptions right out of the room. You always need to market your product. Indeed, an explosion in potential customers only heightens that need, especially for someone involved in golf marketing. All these new customers with little to no idea what they need to get involved in golf, and it’s up to you to tell them what they need! It is as if new business was delivered to you on a silver platter – just don’t wave off the waiter!

Golf marketing, and really all marketing, succeeds by appealing to consumers’ wants and desires. That’s classic marketing – figuring out what people want and then giving it to them. But with all these new customers getting into golf, golf marketing is poised to truly capitalize on an exciting new opportunity: telling people what they want, and then selling it to them. This is the absolute dream of all marketing people. Instead of reacting to customers, you force them to react to you and your imagery and your advertisements.

Since these new customers might not congregate in the normal golfing arenas – like golf shops, country clubs, golf courses – it is recommended that you branch out. Instead of a golf course, advertise at driving ranges. Casuals are more likely to visit driving ranges, because almost anyone with a modicum of interest in golf likes to hit golf balls really, really hard. That way, you’ll reach your target audience – golfers – while also reaching the casual golfers that are up for grabs.
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